The Coffee Register



A list of work-friendly coffee shops in Oxford, England. Drink some coffee. Get some work done.

Ali and Harrie are graduate students at the University of Oxford, and two keen coffee drinkers. To procrastinate, and because Ali prefers working away from his desk, they decided to build a website rating the student-friendly coffee shops in Oxford.

Coffee shops have been excluded if they have wait staff or are popular lunch-destinations. These tend to be less happy to have their tables filled with frantically typing university students! Ali and Harrie are both obsessed with keeping their road bikes looking their shiniest, so have a look at our coffee shop 'bike-friendly' rating if you are too!

This site is a work in progress, but feel free to drop us a line, and let us know of any recommendations, comments, or corrections! Tweet us, or send us an email!

All the ratings and comments are our personal opinions and not ncessarily to be trusted!

Harrie and Ali